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Support and FAQ

  • How do digital editions work? Can I see an example?
    The following two free products are available that allow you to view how our digital editions work. The basics of music theory: free mini-course Dantone Digital Editions - Sample
  • How can I view digital editions?
    The Dantone digital editions are accessible from any device connected to the internet, directly online through the browser, without any need for installation and without downloading any files. For better use of the contents, we recommend viewing via PC or tablet.
  • How can I request assistance?
    For any assistance needs, write an email to
  • I can't access the digital editions I purchased
    Verifica di aver effettuato l'accesso alla pagina con le credenziali (email e password) utilizzate in fase di acquisto. Nel menù utente potrai visualizzare i prodotti acquistati selezionando "i miei acquisti"
  • Among the titles offered in digital edition I can't find the title I'm looking for
    The title you are looking for has probably not yet been released in the digital edition. Report it to us at , we will evaluate its implementation!
  • Is it possible to exercise the right of withdrawal after purchasing a digital edition?
    After purchasing the product, the user will be able to exercise the right of withdrawal within 10 days only if the course is attended for less than 10% of its content (the percentage of use of the course is visible at the top of the menu). Beyond the 10% usage threshold we will not be able to provide a refund.
  • How long can I use the contents of the digital editions?
    The publisher guarantees access to the contents for a period of at least 3 years from purchase. Beyond this deadline, the user can freely continue to use the contents unless the publisher gives notice via email.
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