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MIchele Papadia - INTO THE GROOVE

DAN82 - 9788832008807

A complete, practical, clear and effective teaching method, completely dedicated to groove, for the contemporary keyboardist pianist of all levels, from basic to advanced.
The author puts on a text all his thirty years of teaching and live experience focused above all on Afro-American music. It starts with an essential introduction dedicated to the roots of Black music, Africa, New Orleans, the Second Line, to deeply understand the rhythmic elements and spirit, the starting point for his original method. Then you immediately move on to the heart of the book, over 80 exercises, grooves and riffs that start from Funk and arrive at Soul, R’nB, Gospel, NuSoul, odd times, etc. Then follow interesting chapters on harmony, voicings, passing chords used in the Black Music, ghost notes, embellishments, bass lines, precious warm up exercises. The author therefore explains the technique of the interaction between the two hands, the dynamics and the harmonic and expressive nuances to always be “Into the groove”, in whatever musical style you are playing. A juicy listening guide and a historical and technical description of the various keyboards used in Black Music complete the book.



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Michele Papadia - INTO THE GROOVE

  • N° Cat: DAN82
    ISBN: 9788832008807
    Pag: 120
    Dim: mm. 225x305

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