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Riccardo Merlini - THE KILLER SPEED SECRET (english)



The “Killer Speed Secret” technique, developed by the author 15 years ago, focuses on accelerating single strokes with both hands while maintaining coordination and control, including alternates and accents, without relying on rebound assistance. The method is the result of years of development and feedback from drummers worldwide. Daily practice and self-belief are crucial for success, but the technique’s effectiveness varies from person to person, It enables drummers to reach speeds exceeding 300 BPM with alternating strokes, compared to the 200/220 BPM achievable with traditional techniques like the “Finger Technique” or “Moeller.” The technique avoids stiffening the forearm or using fingers, which are considered potentially harmful and limiting in speed. You will be able to generate and release an enormous elasticity that will allow you to reach speeds that are extremely superior to the BPM that we are all used to call “fast”. The method is explained through progressive exercises and with the help of illustrations and online videos.


Riccardo Merlini - THE KILLER SPEED SECRET (english)




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